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What is the most famous soccer event in the world? Obviously the solution is the FIFA international cup. Out of many groups within the global which compete neck to neck to be the a part of the FIFA world cup, by way of getting certified, most effective 32 teams have made their way to the FIFA international cup 2018.


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This world cup will start within the month of June this 12 months and Russia will host the arena cup this time. Check out the complete listing of 32 international locations teams which has certified for Russia 2018. You can also down load loose Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 Official Fixtures.

FIFA World Cup 2018 live

FIFA World Cup 2018 live

The draw for the FIFA international cup 2018 was performed few weeks and the subsequent have been the pots selected for the FIFA World cup draw.

Pot 1: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland, France

Pot 2: Spain, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Croatia, Peru

Pot 3: Iceland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran, Denmark

Pot 4: Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Serbia

Let’s have a look at how the Russia FIFA Groups are shaped and whole evaluation of those groups of Russia FIFA global cup 2018 qualified 32 teams. There are general of eight organizations with four groups in every institution. The eight organizations within the FIFA World cup 2018 are Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G and Group H.

Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 All Eight (8) Groups by way of Group Analysis

Analysis of Group A:

The teams within the group and their rankings:

  • Uruguay – 21
  • Egypt – 31
  • Saudi Arabia – 63
  • Russia – sixty five

This organization could be an smooth experience for Uruguay to the Round sixteen. Russia got qualified to play inside the FIFA World cup 2018 as it is also the host country for the World cup. Egypt is showing up inside the event after an extended hole of 12 years. Saudi Arabia is commonly probable going to emerge as final inside the institution.

The suits for these groups are on the following dates:

  • 14th June
  • fifteenth June
  • nineteenth June
  • 20th June
  • 25th June

Prediction: Uruguay is maximum likely going to make it to the next spherical. It may be followed by means of Russia.

Analysis of Group B:

The teams within the institution and their rankings:

  • Portugal- three
  • Spain- 6
  • IR Iran- 32
  • Morocco- 40

This group is one of the maximum exciting and tough businesses of the tournaments. With Portugal and Spain are the better groups of this institution. Iran is gambling inside the global cup for 5th time. Morocco is coming returned to international cup after a large hole of 20 years.

The fits for these groups are on the subsequent dates:

  • fifteenth June
  • twentieth June
  • 25th June

Prediction: Spain and Portugal are favorites for the top spots.

Analysis of Group C:

The groups within the institution and their rankings:

  • France – nine
  • Australia -39
  • Peru- 11
  • Denmark- 12

France is the quality of the lot here. France does now not have remarkable contenders to fight with. Peru is playing after 36 years. Australians are gambling the arena cup for 5th time inside the global cup. It is the same case with Denmark who’re playing inside the global cup the 5th time.

The fits for those groups are on the subsequent dates:

  • sixteenth June
  • 21st June
  • 26th June

Prediction: France and Denmark may want to grow to be in first and second spots respectively.

Analysis of Group D:

  • Argentina -4
  • Iceland – 22
  • Nigeria- 50
  • Croatia -17

Argentina pops out as a crowd preferred to win on this institution. However, their performance in qualifying campaign become unimpressive. Croatia has been appearing very constantly in the international cup over years. Iceland on the other hand is making its first appearance within the FIFA global cup ever. Nigeria became the first African u . S . A . To be qualified in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

The suits for those teams are on the subsequent dates:

  • 16th June
  • twenty first June
  • 26th June

Prediction: Argentina might be taking the primary spot within the group. The 2d spot may match to both Croatia or Iceland.

Analysis of Group E:

The groups inside the organization and their ratings:

  • Brazil – 2
  • Switzerland- 8
  • Serbia- 37
  • Costa Rica- 26

Brazil has gained the world cup the maximum quantity of instances i.E. 5 instances in overall. Switzerland’s overall performance within the qualification fits has been exquisite. This team might maintain that overall performance inside the global cup group level suits too. Costa Rica and Serbia are lagging at the back of in FIFA global rankings.

The fits for those groups are on the following dates:

seventeenth June
twenty second June
twenty seventh June

Prediction: Brazil goes to triumph over the pinnacle spot. The combat for 2d spot can be on.

Analysis of Group F:

The groups in the group and their ratings:

  • Germany -1
  • Mexico- 16
  • Sweden- 18
  • Korea Republic- fifty nine

Germany effortlessly out shines the alternative teams in this group. It is the protecting champion of the arena cup and also the cutting-edge number one ranked group inside the FIFA international rankings. Mexico and Sweden are almost at par with regards to their strengths. South Korea can also find it extremely hard for itself to compete with those groups in its businesses.

The matches for these teams are on the subsequent dates:

  • seventeenth June
  • 18th June
  • 23rd June
  • twenty seventh June

Prediction: Germany can for positive take the primary spot inside the institution. Mexico and Sweden will combat for the second spot.

Analysis of Group G:

The groups within the organization and their scores:

  • Belgium – 5
  • Panama – fifty six
  • England – 15
  • Tunisia – 27

England and Belgium have had terrific performance during their qualification rounds once they ended up being the pinnacle teams of their corporations. On the other hand, Tunisia and Panama are not as strong as Belgium and England. In truth, that is Panama’s first appearance inside the FIFA World Cup. Tunisia didn’t have a great global cup history either, it’s miles their 5th time in world cup and they never crossed the group stage matches.

The suits for these teams are on the following dates:

  • 18th June
  • twenty third June
  • twenty fourth June
  • 28th June

Prediction: Belgium and England will for positive be the pinnacle groups.

Analysis of Group H:

The teams within the organization and their scores:

  • Poland -7
  • Senegal- 23
  • Colombia – 13
  • Japan – fifty five

This organization has nearly equally capacity groups. Probably it’s miles the maximum open of the groups inside the competition. Poland and Colombia are without a doubt the fine contenders inside the group. However, Senegal could also be capable of positioned up a hard fight against these teams. Hence the important thing games on this group would be Poland as opposed to Columbia and Senegal as opposed to Colombia group suits.

The matches for those teams are on the subsequent dates:

  • 19th June
  • 24th June
    twenty eighth June

Predictions: Poland and Colombia would be in for the pinnacle two spots of this institution if Senegal doesn’t pull off a surprise.

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